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With a prolific career as a VO artist spanning almost 35 years, Paul has voiced over 250 television and radio commercials in Canada, including national campaigns for many well-known brands such as American Express, Canadian Tire, Sunlife and Canon. He has narrated several award-winning documentaries for the likes of National Geographic and Discovery Canada, and has also created and performed dozens of cartoon voices, perhaps most recognizably in the title role of the Marvel/Fox TV animated series Silver Surfer, and Gil Gripper in the popular children’s series Rescue Heroes for Teletoon/CBS.


Commercial DemoPaul Essiembre
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More than 250 commercial voice overs for dozens of brands and organizations, including:​


Documentary Narration

Documentary DemoPaul Essiembre
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Radio Drama (CBC)

2002     Entry Denied

2002     Hartfeldt, Sask. (Eps 15, 17)

2002     Paydirt (Ep 7)

2001     Higher Ground

2001     Tales of the Lumberjacks

2000     Shores of Wonder

2000     Writing With Our Feet (Live Recording)

2000     The Flying Canoe

1999     Sisters By Chance

1999     Memoirs of Montparnasse

1999     Sibling Rivalry

1998     Skategoat

1998     Angel Walk

1997     Trailing Ivy (Ep 9)

1997     Teeth

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