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Paul was born February 12, 1969 and was raised speaking both official languages in Canada’s east coast province of New Brunswick.  He spent a year studying general arts at University of Ottawa before deciding to follow a path as a performer.  After graduating with honours from Dawson College’s Professional Theatre Acting program in Montreal in 1992, Paul furthered his classical theatre training with two seasons as an apprentice and journeyman at The Stratford Festival in 1994 and 1995.


He lived in Toronto for more than 15 years, where he continued to work regularly in theatre and became equally prolific in film, television and voice performance.  With a body of work spanning more than thirty years, he has been both a leading man and character actor in over 100 film and television productions, more than 60 professional theatre productions, and has voiced well over 250 commercials, dozens of animated series and a handful of documentaries.


Paul and his family currently reside in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

Photo by Tim Leyes

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